Why Oversized Postcards Make A Difference

We all know that postcard mailings have gotten a bad rap over the last few years or so.

Most peoples complaints usually consist of high cost, low return rate or direct mail just doesn’t work.

However, me being in the print and direct mail industry I see the other side as well. Business owners big and small live and thrive by the value and effects of direct mail.

By just understanding the dynamics of how direct mail works, you can turn a struggling business into a thriving business within days.

So let’s stop yacking and let’s get to work.


Direct Mail Conversion

Many variables can affect your direct mail campaign, so I am going to help you save time and money by listing a few things that you should not be doing, and some tricks that will help you increase your direct mail conversions fast.

Using postcards for your direct mail can be a quick way to boost sales, and get people coming through your door if done right. Alas, it can also be a big waste of time and money if done wrong.

Printing small size postcards just to keep your mailing affordable is one of the things you should not be doing.


Oversized Postcards

Marketers and salespeople will do their best to sell you on the idea that oversized postcards will grab attention and stand out from the rest of the mail in peoples mailboxes.

It may sound like a sales pitch to get you to pay more for your direct mail, and probably is. However, there are some benefits for you when using a bigger postcard.

Sure, you might be spending a little more per piece when printing on a smaller postcard, but when it comes to mailing, larger postcards can save you more money than what you would save printing standard size postcards.

Your oversized postcard will help to differentiate itself from the crowd for about a 10th of a second. This 10th of a second is a vital key to the success of your mailing campaign.

What I am not trying to say is, that the size of your mailing piece is what’s going to make the sale. The idea that your postcard will do better in converting by just being bigger than anything else in the mailbox is simply false.

What the 10th of a second is going to get you, is enough attention to notice your design. i.e., colors, font size, font style and so on.

That is it, and nothing more.


Don’t Over Design

The second tip is knowing that the design is not meant to woo your reader. I know, weird and very contradicting to what we have all heard.

We are all a little guilty of some form of ADD. Your overly designed mail piece can easily distract your reader from acting in a manner that benefits you.

Unless if your design fits into the context of your conversion.

Keep it clean, simple and pleasable to read.

The design is simply there to help the reader read.

Many people also fall into the un-design trap, believing that empty real estate is a great place to put more content, or better, getting their dollars worth and getting as much content on the card as possible.

In the process of trying to create a postcard for everyone, they discourage most readers from even looking at the mail piece and tossing it aside.

The context of your mailing piece is going to matter. Just throwing some text and displaying the word sale is not going to cut it if you want to get the most out of your mailing.

No one is flocking to your door because you have a big sale or half price donuts, coffee, cotton candy and everything else in the store.

The context of your postcard needs to convey that you have the best, mouth watering donuts they will ever taste and their morning existence depends on stopping in for their morning commute.

The call to action!

Let them know that you are offering free coffee before 9 am with a donut purchase this Monday through Friday only. Tell them to stop by at your drive up window because it’s fast and convenient for their commute to work.

Apply these few simple rules to your next postcard mailing and see the boost in your conversions quick!

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