Direct Mail With Postcards

Postcards + Direct Mail + Targeted List is an optimal ingredient for a successful direct mail campaign and to get sales moving quick.


When using direct mail with postcards, there are a few rules that I like to follow.

Rule#1: Sales and Discounts suck and are overused.

With a simple search, you can find hundreds of other ways to get sales moving forward besides swimming to the bottom with your competitor.

Rule#2: Content before design. Content -> Copywrite -> Design

This is a process that has been selling products and service successfully for years.

Rule#3: When creating content remember, nobody cares about you or your services.

People care about themselves, and what they want at the time they want it. One of the goals of direct mail is to build desire for gain by giving more of what the already value. This can be done through imagery, content or color.

Rule#4: Design Matters.

The design of your postcard matters and if you are going to take on the task of designing your direct mail postcard to save a little money, at least get proactive feedback from a professional designer.

While designing your postcard make sure keep in mind to simplify and clarify the context and message that you are trying to express to your reader.

Although, I’m not a big fan of pushing sales to get current or past customers through the door. I do think offering your customer something worth value is a great way to gain loyalty and retention.

Buy one get one free or maybe offering a giveaway of sorts to get a little encouragement and motivation to act now. Free is always better the % when it comes to getting your customers to react to your mail piece.

Here are a few of tips if you are thinking about starting a direct mail campaign for your company.


Start With A Big Oversized Postcard

If your customers aren’t used to your logo or colors, it might be a good idea to attract as much attention as possible at first. This can easily be done with an oversized postcard.

Make sure your first few campaigns are consistent in size, color, and offer. The goal is for your customers to become familiar with your brand and give them the opportunity to see your ad a few times.

Commitment and consistency are where a lot of businesses fail when it comes to using direct mail marketing.

Direct Mail is not a one-shot deal. Just as any other type of marketing, repetition is a critical element in your campaign for trust & credibility.

First, you figure out what your budget is. You can do this by month or year. You are going to want to plan this out for 12 mailings, once per month min.
Second, figure out what your budget will be going to. There are multiple parts to a direct mail campaign such as;

Mailing List ( if not using your own database )

Design and list are two elements you only pay once. NCOA you only pay every 90 days.


Using Standard Size Postcards

After a few rounds of large postcards, you can scale back with the size of the postcard a little, so you’ll be able to save some money, just make sure everything else stays consistent as possible.

NCOA and your list

Keep in mind that you only need to run your database list every 90 days, saving you a little time and money.

I hope this encourages & helps you to start putting together your direct mail campaign for your business. If you need advice or help, shoot us a message.